The Comprehensive X-Ray Program Certificate Program is one of the courses offered under the iEducations Dental Assistant Training Center.

Program Director:  Paola M.
Program Instructor: Carolin N.
Program Inquiry:
 [email protected] or 650-448-9471

Comprehensive X-Ray Certificate Program Description:

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the properties of radiation.
  • Explain the biological effects of radiant exposure.
  • Identify the components of a dental x-ray unit and explain the functions of each component.
  • Describe the safety precautions to be utilized when using radiation.
  • Explain how an x-ray is produced.
  • Explain bisecting and paralleling techniques.
  • Identify means of producing quality radiographs on a variety of patients.
  • Identify normal and abnormal radiographic landmarks.
  • Identify different imaging systems used for dental purposes.

Course Agenda:

  • Lecture and clinical application of x-ray safety
  • Bisecting and parallel techniques
  • Film exposure
  • Processing and mounting of non-digital x-rays,
  • Digital x-ray training
  • Evaluation of both digital and non-digital dental x-rays.
  • California Dental Radiation and Safety Certification
  • All supplies and materials
  • Notification to The California Dental Board upon successful completion of the Radiation Safety Certification Course
  • Student will take 2 exams:
    • Exam will be to complete 2 FMXs on mannequin
    • Exam will be to complete 1 FMX on a patient*
      • Student will bring one patient* to class at a time designated by the instructor to complete the final exam FMX. Patient must speak English.

Enrollment Prerequisites:

  • Certification:
    1. 8-Hour Infection Control Certification
    2. In the state of California, a Dental Assistant must have their California Radiation Safety (X-Ray) certificate to be permitted to take x-rays in a dental office. In addition, all applicants for Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) licensure must submit evidence of having completed an approved Radiation Safety course.
  • Experience (at least one of the below requirements must be met):
    1. A minimum of six (6) months experience in dental assisting in the United States. Documentation required from dental office where work experience was acquired. This documentation must include:
      • Date of employment or experience
      • Documentation must be written on office letterhead that includes the office address and phone number
      • Documentation must be signed and dated by supervising dentist
      • Employment and experience will be verified.
    2. Be a graduate of a dental assisting program
    3. Be currently enrolled in a dental assistant program

Upon completion of this course, the student will be issued a California Dental Association Certificate.