Paola M.

“Hello everyone. My name is Paola. I am the program director of iEducation. My goal for IEducations is to be able to help you get started with your dentistry journey. I understand the difficulties that people must face when they first start with dentistry. iEducation will be a perfect place to help you start.

Carolin N.

Carolin is the lead instructor at i-Education, residing in California for the last 15 years. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Dentistry from India and had worked in the capacity of a general dentist in India for many years before moving to the United States. She has been working as the lead RDA and Compliance Coordinator in a multi-specialty dental office in California. With more than 15 years of experience in the field of dentistry, she has immense passion for providing care, promoting oral health, and advocacy in preventative care environment.

She comes with a natural talent and passion for teaching, with the ability to grab students’ attention and drive engagement. She hopes to see you soon in her courses!

Glenda C.

“Greetings fellow DA’s! my name is Glenda and I am one of the program Instructor in iEducations. I am a graduate in Dentistry from the Philippines in 1994. I had a post graduate course in Orthodontics and had been in the dental practice for 23 years before I came to US.

Being a Dentist myself and now working as a Dental assistant is different in many ways, quite difficult I must say and very challenging. But with thorough knowledge and skills in your field of expertise coupled with dedication, diligence, hard work and patience, one would be able to reach your goal and be successful.

iEducations is a great way for me to share and impart that knowledge I’ve gained through my years of experience to others specifically for you, my dear fellow DA’s.

Looking forward to work with you soon!!”