iEducations Lab Technician Training Center


With skilled instructors you’ll learn everything from dental anatomy to waxing to finishing crowns and bridges. Our fixed prostheses course offers hands-on instruction, supplemented with the necessary lectures to provide you with the in-depth dental knowledge that will aid you in becoming a master at your craft. Contact us at today to find out more!

iDLTTC Class Curriculum and Schedule (12 Weeks Intensive Program)

Crown & Bridge: 6 Weeks

  1. Model work through impression setting
  2. Die prep with die sealer, spacer margin trim (expose the margin)
  3. Full crown start (posterior: Maxillary & Mandibular)
  4. Full Crown continued (premolar: Maxillary & Mandibular)
  5. Full crown with actual mastercast
  6. Coping design (posterior & anterior)
  7. Cutback technique, buildup technique, dipping technique
  8. 3 unit bridge coping design (posterior & anterior)
  9. Spuring, invest, casting, metal finishing, degas

Porcelain and Ceramic: 6 Weeks

  1. Opaque
  2. Buildup (posterior: Maxillary & Mandibular)
  3. Buildup (anterior)
  4. 2nd buildup with grinding
  5. Grinding
  6. Glazing, stain
  7. Polishing, packing